The Alma Lyra Duo was born backstage at the Opéra Royal de Wallonie in June 2012. Jules Massenet’s Manon is then playing. Harpist Primor Sluchin is in the pit, soprano Sabine Conzen is on stage. Between two acts, the two young women cross paths, discover each other and decide to combine their talents. That night, the harp found its voice.

Alma Lyra explores the many perspectives offered by the association of voice and harp. The name of the Duo – latin for « the beneficent lyre » - is an indirect reference to the myth of Orpheus whose lyre had the power to charm wild animals and to move inanimate beings. Without going that far, Alma Lyra is the sharing of a passion for the lyric art, of a taste for music, words, poetry, a way to extend the opera experience into more intimate surroundings.

The Alma Lyra Duo’s first performance was themed on nature and impressionist music, far from lyric dramas, and happened in spring 2014, in the province of Liège.

Duo Alma Lyra - Sabine