Storytelling and harp duet

Once upon a time, there was a musician who dreamed of having not notes but the words of fantastic tales springing out of her harp. One day, she met a modern day minstrel and thus was her wish granted…

Music is what Primor Sluchin grew up on, but Tales are what got her travelling to the imaginary world and into the arms of Morpheus. Motherhood revived those memories of faeries, wizards, elves and princesses. Raphaël Demoulin’s calling as a storyteller is inseparable from the story of his life : as a child, he preferred making up stories to any other game ; as a teenager, he has a passion for role-playing games ; as an adult, he begins with fairytales at medieval fairs and storytelling gatherings, before creating his own shows.

Together, they decided to combine their talents in 2012 in front of the young audience of a nursery in Liège. The toddlers and their carer were in awe. The expressiveness of Primor Sluchin’s harp and Raphaël Demoulin’s creativity give the tales a fascinating dimension. In these shows that they create jointly, speech and harp tell together rather than in turn. They performed in summer 2014 during the « Le champ des possibles » festival at the Donceel Castle.

Duo conte et harpe - Primor Conte et harpe - Raphaël Demoulin

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